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Our craft is Universal so we use the english Language to spread the word to all you the great people in the industry in D/A/CH and Benelux. For your comfort the webinar has Subtitles in your local Language.

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Meet your Salon Business Experts

Dennis van Lierop comes from a traditional hairdressing master family in Mülheim an der Ruhr. He is a hairdresser himself and had his own salon. For Toni&Guy in Cologne, he has already trained other hairdressers at the age of 25 to successfully build up their hairdressing business.

He gained international experience as a member of the management team at TIGI Haircare and was responsible for the international further education sector from London.

With the HALO Academy, he now passes on his complete know-how to hairdressers and coaches them in the implementation.

Kevin Boon plays a vital role Collaborating Artist with HALO Edutainment. Belgium Based Salon Entrepreneur, international Barber Award Champion and Platform Artist.

Born and raised in Belgium, Kevin has shaken up the barberindustry and has managed to build up his own Salon Brand call KÖP. Kevin has used the pandemic to turn his business around and managed to set it up for future success.

He embraced change and managed to come out of this crises stronger and better then he went in. Learn more about the how’s and the what in this inspiring and exclusive Webinar.


Dennis van Lierop & Kevin Boon
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For your convenience or for the ease of consuming the great content Dennis and Kevin decided to split the Webinar into two parts.

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